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Our programs use an integrated model of age‐appropriate social, recreational and academic activities that involve proven strategies for building positive relationships, mentoring, conflict resolution, skill development, leadership training and leading a healthy active lifestyle. Our programs are developed in collaboration with youth, their families and other partners to create comprehensive healthy living opportunities for children and youth.


After School Program

Constructive, affordable after school care in an informal and relaxed environment

After School Program Details

September to June Monday – Friday 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Ages: 4‐12 Program Goals To provide constructive, affordable after school care in an informal, relaxed environment designed to provide opportunities to complete homework and engage in learning activities through peer support and mentoring and to develop skills that will;

  • encourage personal interests and benefit future learning opportunities.
  • improve attitudes about school and learning
  • foster a sense of belonging and self- worth
  • strengthen decision making, communication and problem solving skills
  • expand planning and goal setting abilities
  • promote good work habits and task persistence
  • increase knowledge of personal health and nutrition

$30.00 per week – subsidies available


To book courtesy seat transportation to the After School program please go to Student Transportation – CLASS Shared School Services Chatham-Kent (cklass.ca). Set up a profile. Seat selection is available in August

PA Day Program

Full day program on PA Days. $30.00 per child, lunch included. 

Drop‐in Centre

Drop‐in Centre Details

Start Date: TBA 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
6:00‐p.m. ‐ 9:00 p.m., 

Ages: 4‐18

  • Leadership programs
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Teen Cooking program
  • Personal Wellness
  • Monthly Dances
  • No Cost

Summer Day Camp 

Social recreational activities for children over the summer months

Summer Day Camp

Camp hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

The Club will be opened from 8:30 – 5:30 to accommodate working parents

** Hours of operation and Room Assignments will be subject to current COVID regulation

Program Goals
To provide social recreational activities for children over the summer months that will;

  • enhance self-esteem
  • promote positive peer co-operation
  • bridge the summer learning gap
  • increase community awareness
  • teach healthy alternatives to aggressive behaviours
  • Increase knowledge of personal health and nutrition
  • to reduce stress on working parents

    $100 Weekly.  Subsidies available

Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs

About this program

 Our staff have worked hard to develop an interactive and fun virtual programming experience.

The programs are accessed through our website and offer a secure environment for your child.

See the virtual programming page for more details

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Model for Success

Our Model for Success describes the common features and core programming areas offered by Clubs, and the positive outcomes for children and youth that are achieved when Club programs and services adhere to the Model.

Every element is based on the values and activities of Boys and Girls Clubs and is grounded in the latest research in child and youth development.


Youth Programs

Our programs tackle relevant social issues, encourage and empower children and youth, and help them set a path for success.

Basic Needs, Brighter Future

The Basic Needs, Brighter Future program provides young people with resources to enhance and expand their access to food, education relating to food, and the development of healthy habits and life skills. Grants allow Clubs to feed more young people and their families, promote the importance of healthy habits, and educate Club staff and members.

Cool Moves

Cool Moves is a national activity and healthy eating awareness program designed to create a life-long appreciation for a healthy, active lifestyle. Cool Moves has two distinct parts: Eat Smart, in which participants are encouraged to make healthier eating choices, and Play Cool, in which participants are encouraged to engage in more physical activity.

Watch the video about Cool Moves to learn more.

Flex Your Head

Flex Your Head was developed to help youth think about, talk about, and understand issues of mental health and wellness within a safe, fun, and welcoming environment. In an active, peer-based format, youth are given the knowledge, skills, and strategies to cope with stress and distress and promote positive mental health and wellness. Visit bgccflex.ca to learn more.

Project Backpack

Project Backpack is designed to help reduce food insecurity for young people and their families. Once a week, program participants (selected with discretion by the Club) are given a food-filled backpack to bring home, with nutritious food that they can easily assemble into healthy meals over the weekend or during time periods when Clubs or schools are unable to provide meals.

Watch this video to learn more about Project Backback

Discovery Lab

Mixing visual, auditory, and hands-on activities to engage different learning styles, STEAM Ahead encourages children to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fundamentals and includes an artistic (A) component to encourage creativity and innovation.

Power Up!

Power Up! is an academic support program that helps kids develop positive study habits and practices at school, and encourages a life-long interest in learning. Participants are given the tools and environment necessary to set and plan for academic goals, and are helped along the way by volunteer tutors and mentors.

Watch this video to learn more about Power Up!

Summer Brain Gain

To counter learning loss during the summer months, Summer Brain Gain provide opportunities for Club members to practice reading and mathematics skills on a daily basis, with a focus on two key outcomes: educational activities that look and feel different from the regular school day, and high levels of youth engagement and motivation.

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